Framester’s Cincy ASG “Selfie Stations” Make the News

July 1, 2015

With just 90 days separating inception and installation, Framester was tasked with something WAY out of the box:  The creation of 6x “photo experience” stations intended to celebrate Cincinnati Reds history, the upcoming All-Star Game and Cincinnati’s beautiful landmarks and parks.  Goes without saying we were more than “game” for the challenge with over 3 years of custom set design under our belt.

Fast forward 12 weeks of design, planning, fabrication, negotiations…a dozen water barrels that weigh 400lbs apiece…torrential downpours on installation day, twice…and bam.  Selfie-station paradise is born!  We’ve attached a few great photos from all 6 of the stations, which can be seen at Cincinnati Museum Center, Washington Park, Fountain Square, Smale Park and Newport on the Levee.  The stations have already received the attention of local media, including a great article in the Cincinnati Business Courier.

Like all great things in the world of Framester, this couldn’t have been completed without the constant teamwork from the Community Organizing Committee (subdivision of the CVB), our friends at Kramer Graphics (Dayton), Such and Such, and many more.  So without further delay—pack up the dogs and the kids, hit the pavement to get yourself some selfie stardom (stations will be installed now until July 19th following the All-Star game festivities)!asg-mlb-selfie-fountain-square-cincinnati asg-mlb-selfie-museum-center-cincinnati-1 asg-mlb-selfie-museum-center-cincinnati-2 asg-mlb-selfie-newport-levee-cincinnati asg-mlb-selfie-smale-cincinnati-1 asg-mlb-selfie-smale-cincinnati-2 asg-mlb-selfie-washington-park-cincinnati-1 asg-mlb-selfie-washington-park-cincinnati-2 Map_web

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Framester’s First Blog Ever

November 27, 2013

SkiPatrol_003 Preppy_022 JDBday_025


For those of you just getting to know ME (like the capitalized magenta ME in the middle of the word Framester), you’ll come to find that it’s been a long road from where WE started and where we are today…and that we’re just getting started.  The blogs will cover the full spectrum of art, design, business strategy….but for now, we’ll take a second to tell our story.

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words.  If that’s true, we’ve produced an Odyssey in just over 2 years of nonstop work.  But let’s take it back to the beginning, one epic photo at a time.  Enter:  The Cincinnati Bar Hustle, 2011.  We’ll be posting our favorite photos from the home town—back in the day when we’d do a photo shoot at Frank Barron’s for a bar tab—doing everything we could to get the portfolio going.  Whether that meant building a ski lodge in the middle of the dance floor (thanks, Home Depot), stringing up a green screen in the VIP area (tennis, anyone?) or converting the Rabbit Hole into an 80’s throwback complete with Aquanet.

We can’t thank our loyal Cincinnati followers enough for their undying support through our beginnings…your creativity and energy gave Framester the fuel needed to prove that our concept has major social value.  That the “photo booth, unboxed” was something akin to the “selfie” on steroids.  That by removing the photographer from the photo shoot, people were more comfortable to be themselves.  And that the power of ONE amazing photo, unleashed through social media channels, has the power to touch thousands of people.  It’s absolutely humbling to look back on these shoots after such a successful 2013 where we’ve been called up to service brands + events across the nation (Nashville, Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, San Antonio, St. Louis, Cinci, Columbus, Cleveland, Lexington, Louisville, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Baltimore).

The list of folks we have to thank is endless.  But you know who you are.  So here’s to the good people that got us to where we are, and to the awesome individuals we have yet to meet, that will take Framester to the next level.  Thanks to you, we now have all the social, business and financial proof of concept to make Framester a national name-brand in the “unboxed” photo booth market…and that’s exactly what we plan to do in the years to come.  Because it’s not just a photo booth.  It’s a social experience.  One that causes REAL smiles on REAL people, over and over again.  It doesn’t just capture memories, it creates them.  YOU create them.  We just set the stage to let you be you.  And that’s a beautiful thing, indeed.  Big things to come, friends.  Stay tuned.

To the Journey…






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