The Framester Story

Founded in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2011, Framester has sought to combine photo shoot quality and photo booth fun into a business model that services events including weddings, celebrations, brand activations and fundraisers…minding every detail of design; from set and props to sponsor logo use.

We’re a troop of photographers, designers and entrepreneurs who love what we do…which pretty much consists of making people look and feel amazing.  Making events more fun.  And making brand activations more successful.

We’ve been testing and improving the process as we’ve grown across 12 cities and over 400 shoots in just 2 years.  And we’re just getting warmed up.  We believe that there are plenty of fun, dependable, creative people out there to help us grow and that we’ve developed the right business model to make it happen.


What We Do

We use professional grade photo equipment and heaps of creativity to transform any 10’ x 10’ footprint into a custom, user-controlled photo environment. It’s photo booth fun and photo shoot quality in one sitting, found from ballrooms to back yards, black tie galas to Bar Mitzvahs throughout the MidWest and beyond.  We take the definition of “selfie” to a whole new level.

But it’s not just the modern day photo booth…it’s a social phenomenon. It’s user-generated photo portal that delivers REAL smiles to REAL people both on-and-off the set, across the entire venue, during and long after the event. And that last bit—about how our photos drive interaction for weeks after—is measurable (thanks to Facebook analytics).  Case after case, our galleries land in the top tier of Facebook all Facebook activity…and that’s no accident.  We’re excited to share this social photo phenomenon (and the supporting data) with our clients upon request.

Design, Creative Services and Support

Framester takes pride in providing full-circle logistical and creative planning services to guarantee a successful event from inception to completion. Backed by 10 years of operations management experience, we don’t just photograph events. We manage clients and projects to exceed expectations.  So whether you’re in the mood for backdrop cloths and sparkly props or custom backdrop banners and furniture rental…we can do it all.

Brand Strategy

Framester is uniquely positioned to be part of the “pulse” of the city on a localized, grass-roots level, receiving inquiries to service the most culturally significant events in town (whether A-line or underground). As we continue to service national brands and agencies, we’re glad to connect sponsors and regional event planners to deliver highly effective, personalized engagement opportunities throughout our network.


How it Works


Our team is excited to hear about your unique event needs, designing the right look, feel, flow and offering for your guests.  It’s all in the details: from custom event cards, sets and props to logo use, photo hosting strategy and event promotion.


Our team will arrive 1-2 hours in advance of your scheduled shoot time for load-in and installation.  Once we put the finishing touches on the set and fine-tune our Frame, we’ll fire up the AWESOME button and let you do the rest.  Just press the button to activate the 10-second countdown and FLASH:  You’ve been Framed. Images are instantly displayed (on TV’s, projector screens, walls, ceilings…pretty much anywhere we know they’ll be seen) for the entire party to see, and you’ll have a dedicated Framester team member onsite throughout your event.


Once last call has come and gone, we pack it up and roll it out:  back to the digital darkroom for the touch-up and logo work we’re known for.  Since all good things in life take time, we ask for 1-2 business days to properly hand-curate your gallery for quality and appropriate content.

Images are then uploaded to Facebook (your page or ours) and/or our website (public or private galleries) where folks will flock to get their Awesome on.  And so the Digital Afterlife(SM) of your event begins!  Being Framed never felt so good.


The Difference

We won’t lay claim to inventing the wheel…we’re just the first ones to do it right, with consistency.  Our photo quality, creativity and customer service are top-notch.  We don’t do prints onsite and we don’t do “instant” uploads.  Because we believe that the “real time” is the time you spend making friends—and memories—during the event.  We take our time and do things right, curating each photo and gallery by hand.  Each and every time.  We’ll let millions of photos and hundreds of happy clients speak for themselves.


Join Us

Want to get paid to watch people take amazing photos of themselves at the coolest events in town, without having to deal with the details of booking, billing or processing?  Yup.  Coolest gig ever.  And totally legit.

Framester isn’t just an awesome photo booth experience…it’s a business model.  We have the platform that handles the “busy work”, allowing us to recruit team members with big personality and minimal photo experience.  Our process includes sales, marketing, accounting, event planning, set design, post-processing, hosting and strategy.

Simply put, you don’t need to be a professional photographer to be a major team player with Framester.  Passion, creativity and professionalism are  required.  The rest of the details…you can leave to us.  So drop us a line if you’re interested in becoming a part of Framester as we grow!

To the Journey,


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